7 Most Powerful Women in Business in the UK

Karen Brady6e30f03c-807d-11e4-_818780c

This chief executive likes to keep busy. As chief executive of Birmingham City, vice-chairman of West Ham (both football clubs), a board member of Arcadia, and more recently a ‘TheApprentice’ judge, Karen is a great example of a successful, modern woman.

Angela Ahrendts

Want to know how Burberry became such a cool, sought-after brand? Look to Angela for the answer. Angela let Burberry to become the first British fashion company to be in the FTSE 100. Now that is quite an accomplishment!

Laura Wade-Gery

Did you know Tesco Direct is Britain’s largest internet retailer? And did you know the chief executive of Tesco and Tesco Direct is Laura Wade-Gery? Lifting Tesco’s profits by 26% goes a long way to making Laura possibly the most powerful woman in the UK’s retail industry.

Angela Knight

When it comes to being tough, Angela knows all it. As chief executive of the British Bankers’ Association spends her days defending the banks, from those who blame bankers for the financial crisis.

Amanda Staveley

You know someone is powerful woman in business when they make £40 million commission off one deal! (And the deal was between Barclays and Middle Eastern investors.) For Amanda, it’s all about ending the knowing she did a good job.

Martha Lane Fox

What does a chain of karaoke bars, a campaign to bring internet to the underprivileged, and a million pound internet business have in common? Being run by none other than Martha Lane Fox! Martha sold her company lastminute.com for the princely sum of £18 million and went on to open a chain of successful karaoke bars. She currently sits on the board for Marks and Spencer and Channel 4, while campaigning to bring the internet to Britain’s underprivileged.

Joanne Segars

One the few senior women in the British pension industry, Joanne is the chief executive of the National Association of Pension Funds.