Look the Part

Workplaces stress appearance guidelines especially for client facing staff. Here are some tips to help you dress appropriately for the workplace as a business woman. Dressing in a way that is professional is important because it not only does it look for you but for the company that you represent.

It is importa14387367072_85312c31b3_bnt to be able to be flexible when choosing what to wear. If you workplace is very conservative avoid adding too much flair, in these cases less is more. Don’t just wear what worked in a previous workplace, look at the environment of your workplace and how others dress. Take your cues from there and use your judgement to find the balance that respects your workplace dress customs but that doesn’t feel too restrictive either.

This doesn’t mean that you have to underdress yourself. As a business woman let your appearance reflect the professional role and person you would like others to perceive you as. Avoid clothes that have deep neck lines or tops that are too tight. You want colleagues and clients to respect you as a businesswoman and look you in the eye not looking at parts of your body.

Avoid using strong perfumes. These are often frowned upon in formal workplaces. They can overpower an office or boardroom. They are distracting and can irritate college or clients sinuses or allergies. Just as many businesses are smoke free it is a growing trend to have scent free premises as well.

When it comes to your nails keep it professional and simple. Woman often talk a lot with their hands and wild colours are simply distracting. Keep them clean trimmed with simple nail polishes and avoid all nail art. When considering your hairstyles keep it neat and out of your face. When it comes to jewelry keep it simple. Avoid wearing too much chucky jewelry that jingles and makes a noise. As a guide ‘too little’ jewelry will look better than too much. If in doubt err on the side of caution.